Greek and international cuisine,
with top quality fresh ingredients
and a wide variety of excellent wines.

Greek and international cuisine,with top quality fresh ingredients and a wide variety of excellent wines.

In Clochard we offer you a wide variety of lunch or dinner menus, that include dishes of the day or à la carte, all inspired by our passion for modern cuisine, yet in touch with our great food tradition. 

Clochard's menu is carefully selected and cooked by our exquisite chefs,  and is aimed to be spirited, bold and tasty. It includes a broad of authentic, traditional plates with appetizers, soups, risotto, fresh seafood, cooked or grilled, meat and poultry, all cooked with excellent old traditional recipes or grilled, but also classical tastes of the French cuisine, like chateaubriant, and day-fresh season's salads.

And all these are accompanied with exceptional desserts and ice-creams. 

We also pay extra attention to the aesthetics and picturesque appearance of every plate.

Our Menu includes: 



Rockfish tartar, chili, king herring roe, lime, orange, blood orange, grapefruit

Fish of the day Carpaccio, "Greek salad", botargo from Mesologgi, brick, celery mayonnaise

Veal tartar, homemade pickles, capers, quail egg, chili, carrot jelly

Cheeses, chevre, roquefort, smoked cheese from Metsovo, manouri, graviera from Syros, cheese with wine lees, graviera with various peppers, dried fruit



Grilled seafood, shrimps, octopus, cuttlefish, mussels, herbs, peppers from Florina, white tarama

Scallops, bisque, shelfish foam, leek shards

Foie gras Rougie, chestnut, hazelnut, almond milk, black truffle

"Pastistio", lassagna with spinach, beef pork and lamb mince, potato cream, fresh herb sauce

Stuffed vine leaves with an egg and lemon sauce


Pumpkin veloute, shrimps, ginger, leek, fennel

Fish soup from fish of the day, king herring roe, winter vegetables



Poached pear, kataifi, valerian, goat's cheese, caramelized nuts, string beans, passion fruit, gooseberry

Shrimps and squid, three colored quinoa, radish, avocado cream, mesclun, dill

"Athenian salad", fish of the day, beetroot, mayonnaise, baby vegetables



Ravioli with slowly cooked veal, forest mushrooms, graviera with thyme

Seafood calamarata, bisque, botargo, fennel

Lobster pasta, seasonal vegetables (serves 2)

Rooster with a mushroom crust, trahana, Feta from Paggaio, Xinomavro wine sauce


"Cod a la Polita", artichoke cream, carrots, shrimps, mussels, peas, dill oil, lemon sauce

Fish of the day fillet, fava from Santorini, steamed vegetables, cuttlefish ink   

Gilt head bream fillet, spinach with rice, lemon cream

Salmon, vegetable tartar, creamed potato


Black Angus flap steak tagliata burger, grilled vegetables, talagani, mayonnaise, homemade pickles, french fries

"Pork with leek and celery", pork, leek cream, leek shards, celeriac, lemon sauce

Duck breast Rougie, green apple puree, quince, clove sauce

Black Angus Ribeye, baby potatoes, asparagus, pepper sauce, graviera from Syros foam

Chateaubriand, mashed potatoes, black truffle, baby vegetables, béarnaise sauce


Lemon, passion fruit, macaroons, Italian meringue, almond crumbs, lemon jelly

Millefeuille with forest fruits and strawberries, white chocolate cream flavored with tonga beans

Crepes Suzette, orange, Grand Marnier

Chocolate sphere, parfait, caramelized almonds, brownie, kibeti, salted chocolate



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