Greek and international cuisine,
with top quality fresh ingredients
and a wide variety of excellent wines.

Greek and international cuisine,with top quality fresh ingredients and a wide variety of excellent wines.


Fish of the day carpaccio, botargo from Mesologgi, roe, celery, ouzo 18.00

Tuna tartar, avocado, cucumber, chives, king herring roe 18.00

Veal tartar, homemade pickles, chilli, peated whisky mayonnaise, carrot crostini 20.00

Chevre, Roquefort, smoked cheese from Metsovo, manouri, graviera from Syros, cheese with wine lees, graviera with pepper, goat’s cheese from Ithaki, dried fruit 20.00




Grilled seafood, shrimps, octopus, cuttlefish, mussels, Beluga lentils, herbs, peppers from Florina, white tarama 24.00


‘Giouvarlakia’ fish of the day, herbs, ceriac, totinamburchips 18.00

‘Pastitsio’, lasagna with spinach, mince from beef, pork and lamb, creamed potato, mushroom sauce 14.00

‘Madi,’ traditional Greek pasta filled with slowly cooked veal, mushrooms, brocoli, graviera with thyme, black truffle 22.00

Foie gras Rougie, quince, forest fruits, ‘Ferrero Rocher’ 26.00



Pupkin veloute, shrimps, ginger, chilli 20.00




‘Greek salad’, milk-cheese, from Kastoria, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, capers, olive dust, kadaifi, basil, oregano 12.00

Lamb prosciuto, cheese with wine lees from Crete, kiwi, string beans, valerian 15.00

Grouper cheeks, steamed winter vegetabes, mango, radish, tartar sauce 19.00



Seafood calamarata, bisque, botargo, fennel 22.00

‘Giouvetsi’, orzo with slowly cooked veal, goat’s cheese from Ithaki, black truffle 24.00

Rooster with a mushroom crust, ‘gemista’ , risotto with peppers, pine cone, zucchini flowers, feta foam 18.00




Gilt head bream fillet, wild greens fricassee, shellfish foam, lemon cream 28.00

‘Cod a la Polita’, artichoke, carrots, shrimps, mussels, peas, dill oil, lemon sauce 30.00

Seabream or grouper fillet, potato salad, vegetables, roe, botargo, tartar sauce, cuttlefish ink 38.00

Salmon, smoked potato, cauliflower, parsley oil 18.00




Black Angus flap steak tagliata burger, grilled vegetables, talagani, bearnaise, homemade pickles, french fries, Bordelaise sauce, cognac 22.00

Duck breast Rougie, chestnut, quince, cloves, dark chocolate, red wine sauce 26.00

Black Angus Ribeye, baby potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, pepper sauce, graviera from Syros foam 35.00

Lamb chops and fillet, eggplant hunkar, sauce flavored with rosemary, leeks shards 30.00

Chateaubriande (for 2), mashed potatoes, black truffle, baby vegetables, bearnaise sauce 70.00




‘Lemon’ pannacotta, pistachio 10.00


‘Forest fruits’, Millefeuille, chocolate cream, tonka bean, cocoa crumbs 14.00

‘Orange’ crepes Suzette, Grand Marnier 10.00

‘Alaska Caramel’ double baked cream,meringues, chocolate ice cream flavored with tarragon, cognac 15.00










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